DUBをプレイするうえで、風呂場の存在は避けては通れないじゃん!!!!!!!!!!!! REVERBやECHOを操作する時、風呂場の空間の拡がりや、天井から水滴が落ちる音の響き、湯気の揺らぎを参照しているので、様々な風呂場に通っていて。浴室のみならず、ロッカー室の扇風機、床、湿度、からも大変にヒントを得ています!!!!!!

When playing DUB, I can't avoid the existence of a bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!! I can feel the expansion of the space in the bathroom, the sound of water droplets falling from the ceiling, and the shimmering of steam when you hit the reverb or echo. Because of that, I’ve been to various bathrooms. But of course not only from the bathroom, but also from the locker room fan, the floor, the humidity, I am very inspired!!!!!!


My first encounter with Reggae was very sudden, and so it was for a scrubbing towel. When I went to Busan, I looked at the train station and found a station called Onsenjang (온천장/Oncheonjang). I visited the station with a light-hearted feeling that there was a hot spring, and as I walked along the pathway with my sense of smell, I could smell the good smell of kimchi from the time I passed through the ticket gate, and I could taste the rustic and old-fashioned streets, and there were many small hot springs, but more than that, there were small shops everywhere, and every shop had hot spring goods. It's not an exaggeration to say that the packages of scrubbing towels (I wasn't drawing yet at the time) became the source of my later illustrations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

湯に浸かる女性の気の抜けたイラストとハードなハングルのタイポグラフィ、そして発色の良いグリーンの組み合わせが頭に焼き付いて離れない!!!!!!!まじで!!!!!!! その後、同じアカスリを買おうと思い、いろいろな場所で探していると、同じモティーフでいくつかのバージョン違いがあることに気づき、そのVersion感覚、Riddimをシェアする感覚、これってREGGAEの好きなとこと一緒じゃん!!!!!!!!!

The combination of the slothful illustration of a woman soaking in hot water and hard Hangul typography, plus the colorful green is burned into my head and won't leave!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!!  After that, I decided to buy the same scrubbing towel, and when I was looking for it in various places, I noticed that there are several different versions of the same design. The sense of versions in the towels, and the sense of sharing the Riddim - this is the same reason why I love REGGAE !!!!!!!!!


ON AIR / NOROLLは12月4日(土)に、ON AIR KEGO、on-air.earth、そして一部の販売店にて発売します。

This time, when I was making the hat and mittens with NOROLL, I put on the sample mittens and thought, "This is the same feeling as the scrubbing towel from that day!!!!!!!”.  Old memories came back to me just like that, so I made these mittens and beret.

ON AIR / NOROLL will be available on Saturday, December 4th at ON AIR KEGO, on-air.earth, and worldwide at select retailers.  

Text: Noncheleee
Photography: Mob Barley